Shader Programming Part 2

Shader Programming Part 2This project is another graphics demo for shaders and can be seen as an extension to the first one. I used the same scene again, but developed other shaders and new techniques. It is possible to activate various effects to compare the results. Two features are normal mapping and displacement mapping, where you can observe the second one as more realistic. Shadow mapping was also included again, but this time I extended it by using a 3×3 PCF map and a blur function to have soft shadows. A rotating light source can be activated to have a more impressive effect of the shadows. Another new feature is the implementation of a particle system. To activate it, a raycast is done by pressing a key and then an eventual hit point on an object will be determined. At this point the particle system will be casted, which is visualized as an explosion, like it can be seen in the picture.

This graphic demo was developed with C# and XNA. The source code can be found on GitHub.