Lucky Leprechauns

Lucky LeprechaunsLucky Leprechauns is the result of a two person project during my studies. One semester we created a game design and the second we developed the game from scratch. It is a network multiplayer action game with tactical elements, where the players are able to control a Leprechaun. It takes place in a magic world with huge living mushrooms and a gold pot at the end of a rainbow. The Leprechauns are meant for fighting against each other with three different attacks and the help of various items, which can be found all across the world. The goal is to reach the gold pot to win the game.

The client is divided into the self-made game engine and the game itself. It is written in C++ with DirectX 9, for the GUI the libRocket framework was used and the 3d models were imported with the FBXSDK. For model design and animation Maya was used. The server was developed with C# and XNA and was responsible for collision detection and the communication between the clients. The source code can be found on GitHub.